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Sealed lead-acid batteries

Have you heard about sealed lead-acid batteries and hermetically sealed batteries? If you want to know more about these two types of lead-acid batteries, be sure to read our post. We are sure you will find it interesting to decide which is the best auxiliary battery for your camper van.

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Sealed lead-acid solar batteries and their most important features

Sealed lead-acid batteries have their cells closed, so they do not need periodic maintenance and offer greater resistance to spills and vibrations than flooded ones. These are their most important feature. They are also usually designed to withstand deep discharge cycles, so they are a great improvement over flooded batteries.

Do you want to buy a sealed lead acid battery for your van?

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Sealed batteries vs. hermetically sealed batteries How do they differ?

We’ve noticed that many users take for granted that sealed batteries do not emit gases and this is not always the case. Batteries must be hermetically sealed to be emission-free. Two types of hermetically sealed lead-acid batteries are gel batteries and AGM batteries. There are many models of sealed batteries that clearly specify that they have “centralized venting”, for example. Confusing these can be a dangerous mistake, as we have known of users who have installed gassing batteries indoors without the necessary venting 😱

Sealed batteries do not necessarily have to be airtight, so they do not necessarily have to be emission-free. Keep this in mind when purchasing one.

Advantages of sealed batteries

  • They are maintenance-free.
  • They are usually deep cycle.
  • They resist vibrations better.
  • They do not produce spills.

Disadvantages of sealed batteries

  • They have a higher price.
  • If they are not hermetic, they emit gases.

Before buying a product, always be clear about its characteristics and take all the required safety measures. Health is the most important thing.