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What types of windows can you buy for your camper?

In the market there are many models of windows for van or caravan, do you already know which one you want to buy? If you have not yet decided, in this post we will give you a lot of useful information about the different types and models of window for camper Do you want to know their advantages, their price, what is the ideal place of installation and where it is not recommended to put them? In Mejor en Furgo Camper we have compiled a lot of information to help you select the types of windows that best suit your camperization project.

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Comparison of windows for camperization: Sliding vs casement vs porthole vs glass

We show you a list of the main characteristics of the most common types of windows used in the camper world: Find out which ones can be approved, where they are usually placed and much more.

ModelCasement WindowSliding WindowPorthole WindowGlass WindowPolyplastic Window
Imageventana avatible carbestojo de buey carbestventana cristal sprinter crafter
Not for all models.
for all models.
Non-hinged: 👎
can they be opened while driving?X✔️X✔️X
Recommended locationEntire van, except above sliding door railSides of the vehicleRearVehicle sidesRear or side
DimensionsWide rangeLarge varietySmall varietySmall varietyLittle variety
Difficulty of installationMediumMediumMediumVery highMedium
Price guide150 – 600€150 – 700€50 – 200€150 – 300€200 – 400€
ModelCasement Window
Imageventana avatible carbest
can they be opened while driving?X
Recommended locationAll of the van except above the sliding door rail
DimensionsLarge variety
Difficulty of installationMedium
Price guide150 – 600
ModelSliding Window
can they be opened while driving?✔️
Recommended locationVehicle sides
DimensionsWide variety
Difficulty of installationAverage
Price guide150 – 700
ModelPorthole window
Imageojo de buey carbest
Non-folding: 👎
can they be opened while driving?X
Recommended locationRear
DimensionsLittle variety
Difficulty of installationMedium
Price is approximate, varies according to dimensions50 – 200€
ModelGlass Window
Imageventana cristal sprinter crafter
Not available for all models
can they be opened while driving?✔️
Recommended locationVehicle sides
DimensionsLittle variety
Difficulty of installationVery High
Price as a guideline150 – 300
ModelPolyplastic Window
Not for all models
can they be opened while driving?X
Recommended locationRear or side
DimensionsLittle variety
Difficulty of installationMedium
Price as a guideline200 – 400

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are those in which at least one of the sashes can slide so that the window remains open. In the image, both windows are of this type.

ventanas de corredera citroen jumper
Camper van with two sliding windows

This opening and closing system will allow the window to be open while driving. In addition, being open, it does not exceed the perimeter of the vehicle, which would allow to keep them open while parked without, therefore, being considered camping, so there would be no risk of sanction.

Advantages of sliding windows

  • They are convenient to open.
  • They can be opened while driving.
  • They do not require a professional to install them. If you have any doubts, consult: Installing windows in a camper.
  • They are available in different sizes and brands to suit every budget and need.
  • If you are parked, they can be opened without being considered camping. That is to say that they can be kept open in any place.
  • There are models with smoked glass for greater privacy.
  • Blackout and mosquito screens can be installed, if they are not included in the window itself.
  • The window pane is usually made of glass.

Disadvantages of sliding windows

  • Less light enters than with casement windows.
  • Since only half of the window can be opened, the air intake is less than with casement windows.

Best brands with sliding windows for camper vans

These are the brands most trusted by users when purchasing a sliding window for their van.

  • Dometic
  • Carbest
  • Baie-car

Their prices can vary greatly depending on the brand, model and dimensions, so much so that you can find sliding windows from about 150€ to about 600€.

Do you want to buy a sliding window for your camper van?

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Casement Windows

Casement windows have a single sash that can be opened thanks to hinges. Depending on the model, the degree of opening can be adjusted to leave it in a fixed position, quite comfortably.

ventana abatible interior furgoneta

This type of window cannot be opened while driving. In addition, when open, it extends beyond the perimeter of the vehicle, which causes it to be considered camped. This could result in a warning or penalty from the authorities if you are not in an area where camping is allowed.

If you install such a window over the sliding door rail, be very careful. If you have the window open and open the door, it will take a hit that could break it. That is why it is not advisable to place it in this place.

Advantages of casement windows

  • They are comfortable to open.
  • Like the sliding ones, they are not complicated to install. You only have to take into account a few tips: Installing windows in a camper.
  • There is a wide variety of brands and sizes.
  • More air enters than with other windows, favoring the ventilation of the car.
  • It enters a little more light than with the sliding ones.
  • They usually already include the darkening and mosquito net.

Disadvantages of casement windows

  • They cannot be opened when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Opening them is considered to be camping.

The great disadvantage of this type of window is that, when you have them open, you are considered to be camping, with all that this entails: If you are in a place that does not allow camping you are exposed to receive a sanction

If you want to install windows of this type, our recommendation is that you combine them with a sliding window, since there are places that are especially strict on the subject of sanctions and “camping”. Imagine being in summer at 40º without being able to open even one window…

You can find windows of this type from 150 € to 700 €, everything will depend, of course, on the brand and dimensions of the window.

Do you want to buy a casement window for your camper van?

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Portholes have become fashionable in recent years and, aesthetically, they are spectacular. In case you have not seen them, they are those circular windows that are widely used in the nautical sector and that allow the entry of light into the boats, although, normally, they cannot be opened to allow the passage of air

There are two versions of portholes on the market: a classic model, which only allows light to enter, and a folding model, which may be less aesthetically appealing, but allows the van to be ventilated.

The standard size that can be found on the market is 38cm in diameter, but there are other variants.

Advantages of portholes

  • They have a great design and a very striking aesthetics.
  • Low heat loss compared to other windows due to their small size.
  • Less risk of theft through these windows.

Disadvantages of portholes

  • Classic version:
    • They cannot be opened.
  • Folding version:
    • They cannot be opened when the vehicle is in motion.
    • When opened, the van is considered to be camped and not parked.
  • It does not allow a lot of light to enter.

Do you want to know why portholes have a round shape?

In Mejor en Furgo Camper we are very curious, just in case you are too, we want to tell you that its circular shape is due to the fact that being completely round the structural stresses of the window decrease, avoiding vibrations and breakage. This favors resistance:

  • Of the hull of ships against sea shocks.
  • Of the fuselage of airplanes against pressure changes.
  • Of the bodywork of a van against large vibrations or shocks.

The price of the portholes can go from 50€ to 200€, depending on whether it is hinged or not, its brand and its dimensions.

No products found.

Glass Windows

By glass windows we mean windows that imitate those that come as standard with the “combi” models of vans. As a general rule, they have a sliding part that will help the air inside the van to circulate. They are windows that are very well integrated with the exterior of the van as they have smooth frames that follow the line of the chassis itself.

camper van ventanas cristal mercedes

This type of windows are specific for specific models of van, so they can not be installed in any vehicle. Consult websites specializing in the sale of windows of this type or ask your engineer directly, to help you choose a model suitable for your van.

Some models for which they are compatible are: Fiat Ducato/Citroën Jumper/Peugeot Boxer, Renault Transit, Renault Trafic, VW T5/T6 and Mercedes Sprinter.

Advantages of glass windows

  • They are visually elegant windows that do not break the aesthetic lines of the bodywork.
  • They allow good ventilation.
  • They can be opened when the vehicle is in motion or parked.
  • They deteriorate less than plastic windows.
  • The vehicle tends to go more unnoticed with this type of windows.

Disadvantages of glass windows

  • They are more complicated to install.
  • They cannot be homologated in all vehicles.
  • Less light than casement windows.
  • Less ventilation than hinged or sliding windows that are not made of glass.
  • It is more complicated to find darkening and mosquito nets adapted to this type of windows.

The average prices of glass windows are usually around 150 – 300 euros. It is true that if we go to large glass windows the price will rise considerably.

Polyplastic Windows

Polyplastic windows are made of an acrylic plastic that has a dark finish, which does not generate a loss of light in the interior. They are mainly used for the rear of the vehicle, but can also be installed on the sides, and offer a similar aesthetic to glass windows but with the functionality of a casement window.

They are not homologable for all vehicles, as far as we understand, they are only compatible with: Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer, Citroën Jumper, check with your engineer.

Advantages of Polyplastic windows

  • They allow good ventilation.
  • Their installation has a medium degree of difficulty.
  • They allow plenty of light to enter, despite their dark finish.
  • Possibility of opening the window in up to 3 positions, letting in plenty of light and favoring air circulation.

Disadvantages of Polyplastic windows

  • Cannot be homologated in all vehicles.
  • They cannot be opened when the van is running or parked in non-permitted places, as in the latter case it will be considered camping.
  • It is difficult to find blackouts and mosquito nets adapted to this type of window.

Polyplastic windows can be found on the market between 200 and 400€.

What are the most common rear windows for camper vans?

Below, we tell you which are the most used windows to install in the rear doors of a van and, in addition, we tell you why:


  • Great design.
  • Good luminosity for the size of the window.
  • Low heat loss compared to other windows.
  • Large space left over in the doors for other objects.
  • Less risk of burglary through these windows.

Non-opening glass window

  • Great design.
  • The camper van goes more unnoticed.
  • Entrance of enough light in spite of being a dark glass.
  • Long-lasting windows.
  • Vibrate less than the folding ones.
  • Not available for all van models.

Polyplastic window

  • Good design.
  • Opening in 3 positions.
  • Good ventilation when open.
  • High brightness, despite having a dark finish.
  • Not available for all van models.

What are the most commonly used side windows for camper vans?

If you are in the process of building your own camper to get that freedom that many of us dream of, you may be interested to know that the following types of windows are the most sold to install on the side of a van.

furgoneta camper ventanas laterales

Sliding windows

  • Great design.
  • Can be opened while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Can be opened while parked and not be considered as camping.
  • Good luminosity.
  • Do not require complicated installation.
  • Easy to find compatible mosquito nets and blackouts.

Casement windows

  • Good design.
  • Allows enough light to enter.
  • It favors a lot of air circulation.
  • Not difficult to install.
  • Easy to find compatible mosquito nets and blackouts.

Glass windows with opening

  • Great design.
  • Good illumination.
  • Allows ventilation although not as much as other types of windows.
  • More durable than plastic
  • Not available for all van models.

What windows do we install in our camper van?

I don’t know if you know this, but our van is a Citroën Jumper L3H2. Taking into account that it is our home and that, in addition, we work in it we needed to have good ventilation and luminosity, so our selection of windows was as follows:

Windows for Citroën Jumper L3H2

  • Carbest RW motion sliding window 50x35cm at the foot of the bed ✓
  • Carbest RW motion sliding window 80x45cm next to the rear seats ✓
  • Dometic S4 70×40cm replica Carbest casement window above sliding door track ✓
  • Dometic S4 70×40 sliding window on sliding door track ✓

Frequently asked questions about windows and materials

Here are some of the questions we didn’t answer in this article or didn’t address in as much detail:

Does a plastic window insulate better than a glass window?

Theoretically a plastic window has less heat loss than a glass one. What happens is that due to the dimensions of the windows of a camper the difference in heat loss between the two materials is minimal. It would be very different if we were talking about a camper bus with glazing on both sides.