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What is the Best blue liquid for Potti?

This is one of the concerns of many people who travel by van. What is the best blue liquid for the potti? Which product dissolves residues and masks odors best? If you want to enjoy a quiet trip without unpleasant worries, read on… You will find a lot of useful information that will help you make the right choice 👍🏻.

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Comparison of the best chemicals for a portable wc waste tank

If you want your potti waste to dissolve properly and its odors to be masked until it needs to be emptied, the following items are the right ones. You will only have to add them in the waste tank following the manufacturer’s instructions and they will help to break down the waste to a liquid state and prevent unpleasant odors.

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Which additive for a potti waste tank to buy? Buying Guide

1. Walex Porta-Pak RV (see on Amazon)

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The Walex Porta-Pak RV (see on Amazon) present an advance over traditional blue liquids as they take up less space (1.55 x 1.09 x 0.46 inches) and are serveral times lighter, 9.6 ounces. In addition, the tablet format is more convenient and saves product by preventing overdosage.

The correct dosage is one capsule per 40 gallons of waste tank.

New formula is bronopol free and still compliant with California regulations.

Advantages of Walex Porta-Pak

  • It is powerful and effective.
  • Bronopol free.
  • Dissolves waste very well and prevents the production of gases and bad odors.
  • The doses are already prepared, which saves time, inconvenience and overdosing.
  • Its storage is better since the container is smaller and lighter than a bottle of liquid with the same doses.
  • Thanks to the tablet format, the possibility of spilling product is avoided.
  • It is more economical than Camco capsules.

Disadvantages of Walex Porta-Pak

  • Not suitable for use in septic tanks.
  • Few users report that the smell is not very pleasant.
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2. Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment (see on Amazon)

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The Camco TST Clean Scent RV Toilet Treatment (see on Amazon) liquid is very effective in helping to break down organic waste in the potti, preventing the production of bad odors.

It comes in a 1 US gallons/ 3.78L. bottle, so this space should always be reserved for storage.

Its recommended dosage is 4 oz for each 40 gallons.

Is available in four fragrances: Clean, Freash, Lavender and Orange.


  • All components are biodegrable.
  • According to the general opinions of users, it is the one that best dissolves.
  • Not just a order eliminator. Also breaks down the solids and keeps black tank healthy.
  • It is more effective than the tablet format.


  • Its bottle format can be a bit annoying to store, since, even if there is little product left, it will always occupy the same space.
  • As it is a liquid, spills may occur.
  • Other products have better fragrance ratings.
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3. Happy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment (see on Amazon)

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Happy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment (see on Amazon) promote the decomposition of organic waste and toilet paper in the potti tank.

It contains 64 treatments, each designed for tanks up to 40 gallons.

1 scoop of Happy Camper will treat a 40 gallon black tank and another scoop will treat your grey tank.

Designed to operate in extreme temperatures.

Advantages of Happy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment single doses

  • Decomposes waste well and avoids the production of gases and bad odors.
  • Performance is not affected in very cold or high temperature environments.
  • They are a little cheaper than other tablets or single doses.

Disadvantages of Happy Campers RV Holding Tank Treatment single doses

  • Some users find it annoying that you have to have some water in the tank initially.
  • It is one of the best products on the market, but it is a pity that it does not come in tablet or pouch format.
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4. RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins(see on Amazon)

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RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins (see on Amazon) present an advance over traditional blue liquids as they take up less space (3 x 3 x 3 inches). In addition, the tablet format is more convenient and saves product by preventing overdosage.

It contains 24 packs, each capable of preventing odors in tanks up to 40 gallons for approximately one week. The time of effectiveness will depend on many factors.

Advantages of RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins

  • They are powerful and effective in dissolving waste and preventing the production of gases and bad odors.
  • Saves time and avoids overdosing as the doses are already prepared.
  • They are presented in a small and convenient container.
  • The non-liquid form avoids the possibility of spilling the product.

Disadvantages of RV Toilet Treatment Drop Ins

  • As a premium product, it is not the cheapest on the market.
  • Some users report that the product is not as strong as other less environmentally friendly brands.
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Need a blue liquid for chemical portable toilet? This is the Amazon 2022 offer

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What are blue potty liquids and products for?

If you have a chemical wc you need a product, either liquid, tablet or water-soluble single-dose, to help dissolve fecal waste and toilet paper that falls into the waste tank. This is the main task of the blue liquid, but, in addition, it also prevents the generation of gases and bad odors that can create an unpleasant atmosphere in the camper.

Advantages of using a blue liquid in the potti

  • Organic waste and paper will decompose faster.
  • The generation of gases and bad smells is avoided.
  • Emptying and cleaning the potti becomes less unpleasant.

Disadvantages of using a blue liquid in the potti

  • Some products are highly polluting products.
  • Some products have a high toxicity, so more care must be taken during use and storage.

How to use blue liquid for potty?

Its use is very simple. To achieve optimal results, you usually have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Add a little water in the waste tank. Each manufacturer recommends a specific amount, read and follow their recommendations.
  2. Add the product directly into the waste tank. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to dose it correctly according to the size of the tank.
  3. Wait a few minutes for the liquid or single dose to mix with the water and you will be able to use the potty.

What happens if we are in an area with very low temperatures, can it freeze?

Although each brand and product will have a specific freezing temperature, most of them have a freezing temperature of around -7ºC. It is not very usual to reach that temperature, inside the van, for a prolonged period of time, but, if this happens, check the state of the potty tanks, both the tank and the waste tank, before using it as it may be frozen.

Conclusions and final opinions on potty chemicals

The potty is an essential item for many vanpoolers who are not willing to give up the freedom to relieve themselves at home, when we need to. Going to the toilet is an intimate act that requires an environment as pleasant and quiet as possible, it is much more than a mere formality, so, in our case, a good product that properly dissolves waste and prevents the generation of bad odors is essential.

It is also true, or so we believe, that there is no perfect product, all have their pros and cons. Reading and asking for opinions to many users we have corroborated that each person has very particular tastes, for some a product X had a wonderful smell and for others, that same product, was little less than repulsive… For all this, our recommendation is that, if you have the possibility, try different brands and different formats and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs

On the other hand, it is generally advisable to empty the toilet tank every 3 to 5 days, depending on its use and temperature, since heat favors the generation of bad odors. It should also be taken into account that this type of product is highly polluting and should only be disposed of in places designated for this purpose.

We are currently using Solbio (see on Amazon), a green, ecological and 100% organic liquid that is also suitable for septic tanks. After we have been using it for a while, with different intensities of use and climatologies, we will update the information and give a more detailed opinion of this product, in case it could be of interest.

Frequently asked questions about blue potti liquids and products

These are some of the questions that we have been asked or that we have seen that users often ask. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us, we will gladly try to answer them ☺️

How can I keep the potty from smelling bad?

It is important to use the products recommended by the manufacturers of portable toilets, especially those that treat the waste tank. See our post on potty care to learn about the products, tricks and maintenance needed to prevent the potty from smelling bad.

Why do I have to use additives or products in the portable toilet?

The portable toilet is not designed like the toilet in our home that is connected to a sewage system. The waste (urine or fecal waste) is stored in the waste tank and must be properly treated to help its decomposition and avoid bad odors in our vehicle.

When should I empty my waste tank?

Generally, emptying should be done every 3-5 days, depending on the products you use, the number of times the toilet is used and the temperature. You should also pay attention to the tank level indicator, which indicates when the tank is full, in this case it is better to empty it before you start using it. And, of course, do not forget to empty and clean the potty once the trip is over or if it is not going to be used for a while.

What is the difference between red and blue packaging?

The red or pink liquid containers are to be used in the tank, while the blue liquid must be added to the waste tank.

What is the difference between blue and green packaging?

Generally, potty products with green packaging are the eco-friendly version of blue liquids and serve to help break down waste and toilet paper in the waste tank.