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20 Must-haves to carry in your camper van

During the whole process of camperization of our van and before the moment of going out to ride with it, we liked to look for information and ask more experienced users about those “indispensable” items that you must have in a camper van. Obviously, the answers are very personal and are adapted to the use that each one gives to the camper. Even so, they helped us a lot to plan the distribution of the van and to equip it to make it as comfortable, functional and safe as possible for us.

That is why now we wanted to make our contribution with our list of “must-haves”. Remember that we live in our van. Shall we start?

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1. Camping gas, stove or gas stove πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ³

Having a way to cook in the van seems indispensable to us, especially if you plan to go on long trips. It doesn’t matter if it’s small and modest or more luxurious, but being on the road with your camper should not be at odds with eating well and hot and making all meals outside, depending on where you travel, can cost you an arm and a leg…. So, since the van is our home and we love to eat 🀣, a gas stove is number one πŸ₯‡ on our list.

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2. Stackable cookware and pans with removable handle 🍳

Both cookware and pans that have removable handles are a fabulous invention that help save a lot of storage space in the kitchen…. I don’t know if you think alike, but for us anything that allows us to save space in the van is welcome…. They are very convenient to use and take up very little space once they are stacked…

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3. Portable and collapsible dish drainer

If you have a sink in the van, having a dish drainer mat or folding dish drainer seems essential to us! It is something very cheap, useful and that you can store without taking up much space when not in use? what more could you ask for?

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4. OMNIA stovetop oven or pot oven

If you’re like us and like to cook in the oven, you’ll probably find this invention very useful. We could not give up having an oven in the camper so we looked for different alternatives on the market and chose the one that we thought best suited our needs And you, are you a fan of the oven?

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5. Italian coffee maker for espresso or moka espresso

For those of us who are coffee lovers β˜• having a good coffee maker at home becomes indispensable. If your home is a camper van, perhaps the best option to enjoy a good cup of coffee is an Italian coffee maker. There is nothing better than starting the day with the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the van in a dream place. We use it every day, so it could not miss on our list.

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6. Potty or portable toilet 🚽

Whether or not the potty is a must-have to carry in the camper is a classic topic of debate…. For us there was no discussion, if the van was going to be our home we had to have a place to do our needs quietly and when we needed it. It may not be essential for you, but for us it was unthinkable not to have it…

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7. Rechargeable portable fan

Whether you’re one of those lucky ones who enjoy an air conditioner ❄️ in the van or not, a portable battery-powered fan can come in handy during many hot days. Obviously, it’s not a panacea against the heat, but if your van is well insulated and you’re looking for some shade to park in, it will help…. The best thing is that, even though they are small, they deliver a pretty good airflow. We use them a lot!

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8. Camping chair

As spacious and comfortable as your van may be, you sure love to enjoy your time outside in the fresh air. That’s why our list can’t miss a good camping chair, obviously, for use in those places where it’s allowed.

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9. Camping table

If you think about buying a chair to be outside the van how can you not have a table where you can eat out doors and place everything you want on top? We love to have it, especially in summer, it is foldable and once collected it takes up very little space πŸ‘

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10. Waterproof tarp for awning or ground

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11. 12V air compressor for inflating tires

Having a compressor that allows you to inflate your tires seems crucial to us in any vehicle. It is an inexpensive, space-saving device that can save you from calling the tow truck on occasion. There are many models and brands available on the market, so don’t hesitate and get one of them!

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12. Car starter and jumper cables

It never hurts to include a car jump starter with jumper cables just in case at some point your van runs out of battery and you need to jump start it. We have one that we hope we never need 🀣

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13. ABC approved vehicle fire extinguisher 🧯

At home safety is very important. My parents have always had a small fire extinguisher in each car and a larger one at home, so it was always clear to us that carrying a fire extinguisher in the van was a must. Having this small device can save your vehicle and your home. Always have it at hand because, should a fire break out, every second is crucial πŸ‘

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14. Puncture repair kit

This is another one of those “junk” that takes up room in the van, but that you hope you never have to use…. Unfortunately, with the hours we spend on the road, it is quite likely to have a puncture every once in a while… That’s why we recommend having a puncture repair kit on the road. We carry a spare tire, but there are punctures that can be repaired quickly and avoid the need to change the tire. However, try to know how to use it before you need it.

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15. Chocks or stabilizers

We have met many van owners who do not have a pair of stabilizers in the van or motorhome and have never missed them…. We have also met others who cannot sleep if the van is not properly levelled… what do we mean by this? That no one knows better than you if you will need them or not Our recommendation? Give it a try 🀣

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16. Rear view camera

Nowadays one of the most demanded extras in any vehicle is a reversing camera and with the size of our vans some maneuvers sometimes become a bit more complicated than usual. That’s why, for us, a parking camera is crucial.

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17. LED flashlight πŸ”¦ + head flashlight

If you travel or live in a van or motorhome you will most certainly sooner or later be presented with some situation where you will need the help of a flashlight…. There are many people who prefer a headlamp to a handheld flashlight. Whichever one you prefer, don’t wait until you need it and get one!

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18. Velcro mosquito net

If you want to have the possibility to open the doors of your van in summer without mosquitoes riddling you, do not forget to get some mosquito nets. We don’t think it’s necessary to spend hundreds of euros on mosquito nets like the dometic ones, you can buy the mosquito netting, cut it to size and put it in place with the help of Velcro or magnets. They will perfectly fulfill their function and will not cost you a lot of money.

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19. Insulating window shades

We will all agree that one of the places where most heat exchange with the outside occurs are the windows. That is why a good thermal darkening should not be missing in your van. In winter they will help you to keep the heat inside and in summer they will prevent it from seeping inside. They will also help you keep those prying eyes πŸ‘€ out of your home…

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20. Photography Gear: Camera πŸ“· + Drone

It is true that nowadays cell phones have cameras that have a very high quality, capable of taking amazing photos, but if you want to be sure to perfectly document your trip you may want to complete your photographic equipment with a camera with different lenses, a camera stabilizer for mobile, a drone… Evaluate your needs and make sure you keep all those memories in a safe place.

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These are some of our must-haves, there are sure to be many more…. Keep in mind that we live day to day in our van, so it’s very likely that for many of you there are some things left over from the list…. So, tell us in the comments what are the must-have items in your van.